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Say NO to straw …500 million straws used every day in USA

In USA 500 million straws are use a day. That is enough straw waste to wrap the circumference of the earth 2.5 times! 500 million straws weigh about the same as 1,000 cars, which is a massive amount of plastic to... Continue Reading →

In 2805, the Earth is abandoned because it was largely contaminated with garbage

You remember this wonderful movie “WALL-E”, released in 2008. I enjoyed watching WALL-E with my little cousins. I was impressed by the message sent to all generations.  In 2805, the Earth is abandoned because it was largely contaminated with garbage.  All humans were evacuated... Continue Reading →

The hidden story of SOY and the Amazon Rainforest

Soy is everywhere, most of us associate soy with tofu and soy milk. Nevertheless, only a portion of soy is consumed by humans. 75% of the world’s soy crop ends up in feed for poultry, pork, farmed fish and others farm animals.... Continue Reading →

Think twice before using that plastic cup, it is damaging our planet!

Do you know why using a plastic cup is a big deal? As many of us, I didn’t know all details of  the negative impact for our environment. One of the reasons why today I am writing this post. The true is... Continue Reading →

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