In USA 500 million straws are use a day. That is enough straw waste to wrap the circumference of the earth 2.5 times! 500 million straws weigh about the same as 1,000 cars, which is a massive amount of plastic to throw in landfills on a daily basis. Now imagine that by global consumption. Just multiply this figure by 10, this makes 5 000 million straws which made this a huge plastic straw issue. Then just think for a second on a solution ..and yes, we all should be concerned every day about using a straw.

Straws are an old tool. The first known straws were made by the Sumerians, and were used for drinking beer, probably to avoid the solid byproducts of fermentation that sink to the bottom. The oldest drinking straw was found in a Sumerian tomb dated 3,000 B.C.E. Then until de 1960s straws popularity rose.

Yes, we have been using straws our entire life, they are everywhere, at school, at fast foods, at restaurants, at birthday parties and it never seem as a big deal. But the numbers demonstrate, that this is not right. 500 million straws used a day in USA, 60 million straws used every day by the most popular fast food chain in the world… can you image what this figure is in just one year ? How many waste is going to our oceeans, landfills … ?

What you must know about STRAWS!  

  • Use once and then throw it away
  • They are nearly impossible to recycle
  • Plastic straws are on the top 10 littered product pick up on beach clean ups
  • Some are incinerated, which releases toxic chemicals into the air
  • Most end up in the ground, where they will hang around for an estimated 400 years and leach chemicals into the ground
  • Straws, are made of a petroleum byproduct called polypropylene mixed with colorants and plasticizers, do not biodegrade naturally in the environment
  • Straws contain BPA (very harmful chemical in some plastic)

What we can do?

Actually , it is quite simple and we can all contribute: don’t use a plastic straws !

Just a “no straw, please” … or “I don’t need a straw, thank you” will make a big difference. In the case you really need a straw, there are other options: glass straws, metal straws, bamboo straws…pasta straws…

Then share and spread the message to be sure EVERYONE MUST KNOW – EMK

Other initiatives

  • The Last Plastic Straw urges restaurants and bars to change their policy to “straws available upon request”, in order to get people thinking about the issue and drastically cutting down on the number handed out each day.
  • Some brands are moving …Bacardi launched its “Hold the Straw” campaign. Switch the Straw
  • U-Konserve is also offering a free straw-cleaning brush with the purchase of any reusable straws right now.

There are several alternatives to plastic straws. Consumers can use paper straws, bamboo straws, stainless steel straws. We can make a big difference by choosing not to use straws.

Straws are among the top 10 marine debris items. They are a real threat for our environment, let’s start today and remember …“no straw, please” Make a personal commitment to say “no” to plastic straws and encourage your family and friends …

We will make a difference and we are also teaching our kids and others that single use items are no good for our planet. Please share and spread the message most of us don’t image the harm we are causing by using a plastic straw!

Thank you

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