This post is about “Pizza”, the polar bear living an aquarium at China’s Grandview Mall. After  reading this article, and seeing his picture. There is one phrase that went directly into my heart “He suffers for selfies”. This phrase means a lot,  it includes the selfies culture,  the “me” culture and the cruel way we are treating these creatures.

Do we really need this?

Pizza  is suffering. He is suffering for being a wonder. Not a lucky one, because he got trapped into the hands of a mall who wants to drive traffic. Can you imagine that? Living in a mall enclosure, in a crystal prison, having thousands of people doing selfies all day?

The mall said they are legally complain. But this is not about being legally complain, this is about using a creature as distraction to drive traffic. We respond to that by doing selfies and teaching our kids the wrong way to see the nature.

How can we image that a living creature can support this?  How can we create this kind of marketing. In the 21st century, there are a lot tools to drive traffic. We don’t need to use a living creature.  Pizza is born to be free, to breathe fresh air, to run, to play, to have some friends.  He found himself promoting traffic into a mall. This includes barren enclosures, boredom, and constant disturbance by visitors doing selfies. This can’t be real.

I found this phrase from HSI’s China policy specialist, Peter J. Li, telling  The Huffington Post : “The aquarium, or any animal display facilities inside shopping malls are spreading wrong information about wildlife and are encouraging disrespectful attitude towards animals among the visitors,” 

This is not just about cruelty, but also about teaching our kids to respect. This is a big part of the problem we have today.

We need to get back to the basics. We need to remind ourselves and teach future generations that respect is part of the harmony. Respect is a key element of the future of this humanity.

I found thousands of articles describing how cruel attractions using animals are spreading everywhere. This a topic, that we will dicuss widely in this blog.

And then I found some positive lights. Some big names like “TripAdvisor” launched “no touching of wild animals” policy. TripAdvisor will no longer sell tickets to attractions where travelers come into physical contact with captive, wild or endangered animals.

That’s great!  We applaud Trip Advisor, for showing us a way to move forward in the business world and protecting our mother nature.

There is hope. We can change our mentality and we can move to new era …

Any thoughts?