The Living Planet Index, which measures biodiversity abundance levels based on 14,152 monitored populations of 3,706 vertebrate species, shows a persistent downward trend. On average, 3706 vertebras species monitored population declined by 58 per cent between 1970 and 2012”. This is a fact and is huge number!

It means, that in just 50 years of continuous growth and exploiting our resources without limit, we had destroyed almost 60% of our biodiversity.

After reading this, I recalled my third grade biology lesson. At this time, I learned the meaning of an “ecosystem”.  If we check  Wikipedia  definition, “An ecosystem is a community of living organisms in conjunction with the nonliving components of their environment (things like air, water and mineral soil), interacting as a system”. This leasson teached us, the value of all species and their role to keep balance between all elements. This sounds quite basic for most of us, but are we losing  the track and forgeting the basics of our survival?

The Incans (largest empire in preColumbian America) claimed descent from the Sun and the Moon, their Father and Mother.  The nature represented the god.  I remember that in elementary school, I played the role of the moon during a presentation. I had to show how Indians praised nature to provide them with food, water and fired.

We are forgetting these lessons, our civilization is unrespecting Mother Nature . We start to pay a high price, affecting  our and future generations.

Our planet ecosystems have evolved for millions of years, giving us the opportunity to live in a wonderful planet with complex diversity that create a balance with their environment to survive. This provides us and other species with food, water, clean air, energy. Millions of years of very hard work have been affected by the Homo sapiens.

This happens in just 100 years of human unlimited exploitation, with the believe that growth has to be exponential and that resources are unlimited. Now we are facing the consequences, the numbers show the impact. By 2020 species populations may have declined by 67 per cent.

We have to acknowledge that resources are limited. That our planet is overloaded by human exploitation.  We are living in a “human centric” era. The issue is that even if we keep this human centric approach, beyond affecting other species, human can’t not survive. Climate has changed more rapidly, oceans are acidifying and entire species are disappearing.

Think for a while and now what?

This implies a change in mentality, in education, in the way we are consuming, we are living. How to change paradigms that have been there for years? And how to start here from our home ?

Let’s share some thoughts…

Cheers !